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Nextiva Business VoIP Review, Plans & Special Offers

Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, Nextiva offers a cloud-based phone system for businesses. Its unified communications system, that has a built-in fully functioning CRM. You can also integrate the phone service with a third-party CRM, if that be your preferred option. It has an intuitive online portal and a reliable phone system that is easy to set up and get running.



$18.95/mo & up

Monthly Cost

$19.99/mo & up


Monthly or Annual

Trial Period

15 Days

Customer Support

24/7 support

Nextiva keeps its plans simple, building them in the form of a graded ladder. Each plan automatically gets all features of the immediately lower plan, along with additional facilities for the level.

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Nextiva Business VoIP Reviews

Customer Service
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Nextiva Business VoIP

Nextiva keeps its plans simple, building them in the form of a graded ladder. Each plan automatically gets all features of the immediately lower plan, along with additional facilities for the level.

  • 1,500 – 12,500 toll-free minutes
  • unlimited internet fax
  • video and audio meetings
  • voicemail transcription
  • advanced business integrations

Plans Starting at: $18.95

By effectively combining the business phone, customer management tools and video conferencing, Nextiva provides businesses with a unified communication platform. It enhances employee productivity and promotes better decision making with an all-around view of the situation. Of course, it improves customer outcomes by reducing the scope for errors in scattered communications threads.

Law firms, restaurants, TV production houses, there are a variety of businesses that find Nextiva useful for their requirements and adopt it for their company.

This guide will provide information on:

  • Plans offered
  • Pros and Cons
  • Coverage
  • FAQs
  • An overview of the company behind Nextiva VOIP

Nextiva Business VOIP Plans

There are four service plans to choose from: Essential, Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate. All of the plans include unlimited calling, team messaging, and local and toll-free numbers. Each plan’s price varies depending on the number of employees using the system and whether you sign a 12-, 24- or 36-month contract. 



  • Unlimited voice & video calling
  • Auto-attendant & toll free numbers
  • Integrations with Outlook & Google Contacts
  • Voicemail to email notifications
  • Unlimited internet fax
  • Mobile & desktop app
  • 24×7 customer support

Starting at $18.95*


Essential +

  • Unlimited conference calls, 40 participants
  • Unlimited video conferencing, up to 250 participants
  • Call Pop, up to 250 contacts
  • Mobile SMS/MMS
  • Extended integrations with Salesforce, Hubspot, Zendesk
  • Professional setup

Starting at $22.95*


Professional +

  • Unlimited participants on voice & video conferencing
  • Unlimited video conference recording & call recording
  • Unlimited call pop
  • Voice analytics & voicemail transcription
  • Extended integrations with Microsoft Teams, Oracle Sales Cloud, ServiceNow
  • Single Sign-On

Starting at $32.95*


Enterprise +

  • Unlimited participants on voice & video conferencing
  • Unlimited video conference recording & call recording
  • Unlimited call pop
  • Sales productivity & pipeline management
  • Service productivity & ticket management
  • Automated surveys
  • Customer journey analytics

Starting at $57.95*

Other features and terms:

  • Nextiva offers a wide selection of phones. Their desk and conference phones range from $70 to $625. 
  • Phone rentals are also an option.
  • Round the clock customer support is available on all the plans

Nextiva Review – Pros and Cons


  • As a cloud-hosted VOIP solution, no hardware or equipment in needed by the Nextiva Business Communication Suite. The only things really needed are a high-speed internet connection and IP phones. You can do most of the installation yourself. You don’t need an IT team for it. Nextiva is available to handle all maintenance and upgrades. 
  • Nextiva’s online portal is intuitive and can be used for all setups required for your business, like automated greetings, assignment of numbers, etc. Employees can also access the system online and set their preferences
  • You can keep your existing phone number when you move over to Nextiva VOIP. For an extra fee, you can transfer local or toll-free numbers over to Nextiva after you sign up for the service. This process typically takes two to four weeks.
  • With a reported uptime of 99.999%, your business need never be not available or reachable.
  • Integration with many CRM tools is a unique feature and provides flexibility of choice to clients.
  • Existing office and mobile phones can be used with Nextiva


  • The lower tier plans may be restrictive and not provide some essential features like unlimited SMS and audio or video conferencing.
  • Nextiva’s starting plans are more expensive than those of competitors for similar inclusions.
  • For best pricing, Nextiva requires a three-year commitment

What Calling Features Does Nextiva Have?

Nextiva offers a feature-rich solution. All essential calling facilities like Call forwarding, customizable hold music, call management (like transferring calls and putting customers on hold), call log reports as well as the option to keep your business’s current phone number are included. Businesses also get an allocation of toll-free calling time every month that goes up with the plan.

A unique facility we offer is Call Pop AI. Call Pop AI is a pop-up screen that shows employees a history of the caller’s interactions with the company once the employee accepts the incoming call.

For specific features available in each plan, please refer to our pricing and plan sheet.

Can Nextiva be integrated with other CRMs?

Firstly, you should know that Nextiva comes with its own, full-feature, CRM system built in, to facilitate communication, customer relationship management, and collaboration. This provides a ready and complete solution for most small and midsized companies.

In addition, third party integrations are also available with HubSpot, Zendesk, and Salesforce so that your choices do not get limited. Your software developers can use the company’s application program interfaces (APIs) to further customize the system.

How does the Nextiva Unified Messaging work?

Unified messaging is handled through the Nextiva app. Instant messaging, taking calls, sharing screens, participating in group chats with colleagues can all be done through the app. The Nextiva app is included in every plan. There are some restrictions on features in the version available with the base plan.

What Security Features does Nextiva have?

Security of its network as well as that of its clients is a key concern for Nextiva. It monitors its infrastructure 24×7. It deploys processes as well as hardware to enhance the security of its physical data center facilities, which are located strategically to mitigate loss due to natural disasters and meet security standards set by ISO/IEC 27001 certification. The centers have uninterruptible power sources, backup generators, and are equipped with climate control systems to keep equipment safe.

Server access requires passing through five checkpoints. Network connections are monitored continuously to ensure reliability, and Nextiva conducts third-party audits to find and fix vulnerabilities. It monitors calling activity for irregular or suspicious patterns to prevent fraudulent charges. Call encryption between all endpoints is available by request.

Nextiva says it spends millions of dollars annually securing its network.

What do I get with the plan I am buying?

Every Nextiva VOIP plan gets you the assurance of a 99.999% uptime that keeps your business going. You get 24×7 live customer support. The network is monitored 24×7 to ensure security and reliability.

Nextiva business phone plans include 45+ powerful VoIP features, including unlimited nationwide calling, online faxing, free phone numbers, voicemail-to-email, and auto attendant. Plus, Nextiva will migrate your existing phone number at no charge. Enjoy superior HD voice quality on every call thanks to their eight military-grade data centers strategically located across the United States.

If I realize I have taken the wrong plan, can I change it midway?

Yes, anytime. Nextiva designs its plans to grow with your company as it grows and to fit your needs at every stage. If you find your current plan no longer suits your needs, reach out to the Client Success Manager to adjust your plan.

About Nextiva

Founded in 2006, launched in 2008, Nextiva has grown rapidly to reach $200 million in revenue by 2020 and over a thousand team members.

It is a completely bootstrapped organization, with zero funding from external investors. It was founded by Tomas Gorny along with co-founder Tracy Conrad. In his early companies, Tomas experienced issues with phone systems, CRM, and collaboration solutions. “Our mission was to simplify business communications,” he says.

Its primary offering is the unified communication platform called NextOS, accessible through subscription. NextOS is available as a desktop application in WindowsOS and MacOS, as well as mobile application for Android and iOS. It delivers cloud-based communication, CRM, videoconferencing, mail service, analytics, screen sharing, AI and machine learning. The platform integrates with many CRM systems.

The company is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, and has offices in the U.S., Ukraine, and Mexico.

8800 E Chaparral Road
Suite 300
Scottsdale, AZ 85250


9 Total Score
Nextiva Business VoIP Reviews

Customer Service
Billing Transparency
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