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Ziply Fiber Internet Review, Plans & Special Offers

Ziply Fiber is one of the youngest internet providers out there since the company launched its services just over a year ago. Is it worth the hype?


Starting at $19.99/month

Download Speed

Upto 1000 Mbps


Internet, TV, or Phone




DSL, Fibre

Ziply Fiber is one of the newest contenders in home internet, officially launching service in May 2020 after relieving Frontier Communications of all DSL and fiber networks in Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington.

8.3 Total Score
Ziply Fiber Internet Review

Customer Service
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Ziply Fiber is formerly known as Frontier Communications and they spent about $500 million to try and make their internet services stand out. They are definitely among the newer internet providers around as they began providing customers with their renewed services in May 2020. It’s often quite difficult to give a full and honest review about an internet provider that hasn’t been that long in the game, but Ziply Fiber isn’t disappointing so far.

Ziply Fiber Internet Plans

Plan NameDownload SpeedUpload SpeedBandwidthConnection TypeRegular PriceSales Prices
Ziply Internet (DSL)Variable, up to 115 MbpsVariable,up to 7Mbps UnlimitedDSL$50$40
Fiber 50/5050 MBPS50 MBPSUnlimitedFiber$40$20
Fiber 200/200200 MBPS200 MBPSUnlimitedFiber$60$40
Fiber Gig1,000 MBPS1,000 MBPSUnlimitedFiber$80$60
Data effective 20/08/21. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change

Why Choose Ziply Fiber?

There are various reasons why Ziply Fiber can prove to be a fantastic internet provider for you. However, their internet services have some flaws as well. We’ll go over some of the most important benefits that would help you choose Ziply Fiber as your internet provider.

Affordable Pricing

Affordable Pricing is one of the best benefits when it comes to Ziply Fiber. Their low prices are usually what draws in customers right at the beginning. Ziply Fiber offers discounts for your first year of using their internet services. Another mention is that they hesitate to showcase how the rate increases after the first twelve months, but you should know that most internet providers use this trick as well. Their cheapest plan is only $20 for the first full year, and it increases to $40 afterward, while their most expensive plan costs $60 during the first twelve months which gets to $80 after the promotional period ends.

Free Installation

Ziply Fiber uses a simple strategy to win over some customers by offering a Free Installation service for all of their plans.

Another great thing about Ziply is that you don’t need to lease one of their routers to make their services work. Just choose a standard consumer router that can handle your plan’s speed and you should be fine.

Fiber Service (In rural areas as well)

Since Ziply Fiber offers Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and Montana fiber services for each area they cover, they already have higher speeds than most internet providers available on the market. The only downside is that their services are slower compared to other internet providers that also offer fiber optic services. That’s why Ziply Fiber is a cheaper option as well.

Is Ziply Fiber Customer Service any good?

If you’re looking to speak to someone at Ziply Fiber, their employees are almost always available. This is a great thing since it takes some time to reach other internet providers in the US.

Another great thing is that Ziply Fiber has a list of Frequently Asked Questions on their website. This may help you before having to get someone on the phone to solve your problems.

You can also find a Wizard Supporting Tool on their website. This tool is great to troubleshoot various issues that you might have.


  • Unlimited Data Caps
  • Free Installation
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Fiber Service (even in rural regions)


  • Fiber Services come at low speeds
  • Limited Availability

Internet Service Coverage by Ziply Fiber

Ziply Fiber doesn’t have that much coverage that most customers would hope so. In fact, that’s one of the largest flaws regarding Ziply Fiber. They serve only four states in the US, while they serve more than 1.1 million households in those four states. Ziply Fiber offers both DSL and Fiber Optic internet services, and because of that, they already offer higher speeds than most internet providers out there. A high percentage of Ziply Fiber coverage comes from Washington and Oregon.

States with Ziply Fiber Internet Service

  • Washington
  • Oregon
  • Idaho
  • Montana
Both Idaho and Montana aren’t covered as much as Washington and Oregon. So, if you want to try Ziply Fiber out, be sure to check out if it’s available at your home address first. You can do this over on their website quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Use the desktop version of the SpeedTest App if you’re looking for the most accurate results.
Ziply Fiber Internet Speeds can go up to 1,000 Mbps if you get their most expensive plan (Fiber Gig).
The cheapest Ziply Fiber plan starts at $20 ($40 after 12 months) while their most expensive one is $60 ($80 after 12 months) which is quite affordable compared to most internet providers around.
You can use any standard consumer router for Ziply Fiber Internet Services. Just be sure that the router is compatible with your plan’s speed.
Ziply Fiber only covers four US states. They are Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. Ziply doesn’t cover all areas within the four states. That’s why, before choosing it as your internet provider, you can check out the availability of your home address on their website easily.

8.3 Total Score
Ziply Fiber Internet Review

Customer Service
Billing Transparency
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