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Sonic Internet Review, Plans & Special Offers

Sonic operates in a limited geographical area. Though rankings vary, it is generally within the 10 largest cable and 25 largest fiber internet provider in the country, Sonic has been successful in providing a credible and reliable service in a competitive market.
Sonic offers services leveraging DSL, copper and fiber networks in their areas of operation. The internet service is unlimited and uncapped, with no data capas and no throttling. It comes with a phone always bundled in. It also includes personal web hosting with a new domain, a fax line, 15 email accounts and substantial storage.


Starting at $41.00/month

Download Speed

50 – 1000Mbps



Upload Speed

Upto 1000Mbps


VDSL, Fibre

Sonic operates in a limited geographical area. Though rankings vary, it is generally within the 10 largest cable and 25 largest fiber internet provider in the country, Sonic has been successful in providing a credible and reliable service in a competitive market.

8.3 Total Score
Sonic Internet Review

Customer Service
Billing Transparency
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Sonic leverages a variety of technologies for its internet services.

The ‘Fusion’ service is delivered over VDSL or ADSL2, depending on the proximity of the service location to the Sonic hub. The phone does not require any special adaptor to work normally, unlike the other services that require an adaptor to connect.

The ‘Fusion IP Broadband’ service is the result of Sonic tying up with AT&T and delivering internet, again depending on the service location, through Fiber-to-the-Home or Fiber-to-the-Node technology. 

The ‘Gigabit Fiber’ is a fiber to the home service that delivers over Sonic’s own fiber network. As is the case with even larger providers, the fiber network is growing and expected to cover more locations and service points in future.

This guide will provide information on:

Sonic Internet Plans

Plan NameDownload SpeedUpload SpeedBandwidthConnection TypeRegular PriceSales Prices
50 MBPS Internet + Home Phone50 MBPS UnlimitedVDSL$50$41
100 MBPS Internet + Home Phone100 MBPS UnlimitedVDSL$70$61
1000 MBPS Internet + Home Phone1000 MBPS1000 MBPSUnlimitedFiber$90$81
Phone: Unlimited Nationwide Calling.
Self Installation options available to qualifying locations
30-day trial period without early termination fee for new connections

Why choose Sonic?

With its reliable internet service, now over 25 years in existence, Sonic has taken the battle to the biggies in the hyper-competitive market of California, and not only survived but thrived. Starting with delivery through DSL, Sonic has kept upping the technology quotient, initially through a partnership with AT&T to deliver internet through Fiber-to-the-Node (IP Broadband) with only the last leg being on legacy copper, while building a fiber network of their own that will reach into homes and offices. In an industry not particularly well known for delivering good service, Sonic customer service is remarkably reachable and answered by surprisingly knowledgeable and helpful personnel. Installation is a breeze, and free, whether you choose a professional installation or do it yourself. The free installation covers the Fiber-to-the-Node (IP Broadband) service in which installation is done by AT&T technicians. Though a 12-month contract is mandatory, since they give a free look-in period of 30 days, during which cancellation does not attract any early termination fee, the shackles of the contract are perhaps illusory and might eventually impact a very small set of customers. A phone comes free with every internet connection. Though they don’t have a TV service of their own, they are actively promoting streaming services to their customers which, they believe, will deliver a better experience and value. The courageous stand Sonic has taken to further its beliefs in privacy and customer confidentialty are worth recounting. They have resisted arm-twisting attempts by the federal government and other regulatory agencies to extract customer data and fought expensive legal suits to safeguard their beliefes and rights, along with other much better funded organizations like Google. They have consciously changed policy to limit storage of customer information to onlytwo weeks, to obviate the need to battle for past data. Such activism on part of a business organization is rare and, perhaps, worth protecting.


  • Customer service – In an industry known for poor customer service and low CSAT scores, Sonic has upped the game in the areas it operates in. Its service is usually reachable and its representatives are known to be knowledgeable and friendly.
  • Unlimited data – All plans come with unlimited data as well as no throttling of speed. You always get the maximum speed the network can deliver.
  • Free installation – Free professional installation is available for new customers, both for DSL and well as fiber. A self-installation option is also available, in case the customer does not wish to block time for a technician’s visit. A detailed guide is made available for self-installation.
  • Phone comes free – A phone come bundled with every internet connection, at no extra cost.
  • Free look-on period– Sonic offers a free trial for 30 days for new connections. Early termination charges do not apply of ancelled within 30 days.


  • Limited geographical coverage – Though not an issue when the service is being used, it could create challenges for people who need to move periodically. Sonic does not provide service outside California.
  • 12-month contract is required – Sonic does not offer a connection without a contract of 12 months. Moreover, early termination charges, for termination after 30 days, are applicable.
  • No TV service– Unlike many of the karger providers, Sonic does not offer a traditional TV service. It has, however, been an advocate of ‘cutting the cord’ and urging people to move to streaming services to access a much larger variety of content.

Internet Service Coverage by Sonic

Sonic services are limited to the state of California. Despite that it is counted amongst the top 10 DSL internet providers in the nation by area of coverage. With a growing fiber network, it is also counted amongst the top 20 fiber internet providers in the country. In terms of number of people, kit is estimated that Sonic’s DSL service reached over 2 million people and fiber reached close to 700,00 people, all in California.

Frequently Asked Questions

‘Fusion’ is the name by which Sonic’s service, that includes internet and phone, for both homes as well as small businesses, is known. Sonic, on the other hand, is the name of the company that is providing the ‘Fusion’ service. You can check for the services that are available at your address, as the combination of products may vary based on location.

Any phone that plugs into a standard wall socket will work with Sonic’s Fusion phone service. For services that deliver phone service through VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Sonic will provide you with an analog telephone adaptor into which your existing phone can be plugged, for uninterrupted service.

In Fiber-to-the-Node (IP Broadband), the last leg of the network that connects to your home is the legacy copper wire network that has been used for the traditional telephone services. However, a fiber network is available till a nodal point in your neighborhood. Thus, most of the passage of data in on a fiber network with the last mile traveling on a copper network. In comparison to DSL or copper, this delivers faster speeds.

In Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH or Gigabit Fiber), on the other hand, the fiber connection terminates in your home or just outside, enabling the entire journey on the modern, superfast, fiber network. Fiber-optic cables are connected from your neighborhood LCP (Local Convergence Point) directly to an ONT (Optical Network Terminal) device in or just outside your home. Being a new technology, however, fiber networks are growing and currently their reach may be limited.

Sonic is able to offer industry-leading rates because of the predictability contracts provide. All our services require a 12-month contract. If you cancel after 30 days, early termination charges will apply. Some services like broadband require a 3-day notice before they can be terminated.

As a private enterprise, Sonic does not publish financial data. People interested in knowing more about it should use surrogate data such as the number of people employed by Sonic, its expanding network, etc.. Staying private enables Sonic to ‘do the right thing.’

Streamng services is the future. It is no longer surprising that there is so much content on the internet. What is surprising is that so much of it is not available on traditional cable TV. With all modern devices being ‘smart’ devices and able to smoothly connect to the internet, access is no longer an issue. In general, programming available on TVs is also likely to be available on the internet.

With the help of compact streaming devices that are feature-rich, you can get an experience and choices that you perhaps never did on the traditional TV.

About Sonic

The founding of Sonic came out of an attempt to bring internet connectivity to students and staff of the Santa Rosa Junior College, at a time, in 1994, when internet was still unheard of. Dane Jasper and Scott Doty, now the CEO and Board President respectively, who had both worked on the network in the college, then came together to take the service beyond the college and Sonic was born. Today it is an established provider acoss California, with a particularly high concentration in North California. 

Its leadership team has been known for doing ‘the right thing’ since they started. They have denied several orders from the federal government for user data and, tellingly, in 2011 changed policy to limit storage of user data to two weeks, to thwart future regulator attempts at extracting user information.

In late 2014, Sonic.net rebranded as Sonic, after acquiring sonic.com and @sonic twitter handle.

DSL has been the backbone oftheir service. In 2015, they partnered with AT&T to access their fiber-to-the-node network, enhancing their speed and capability and delivering gig speeds in select location. However, Sonic customers using this servive need to follow AT&T policies, including any access given to the federal government.

They are also pursuing the buildout of their own fiber network to take fiber based internet right up to the service location, whether home or office.

Sonic initiated a partnership with eero inc., in December 2018, through which they now offer the WiFi mesh system, to improve WiFi connectivity across the entire home.

Though they have partnered with Dish to offer television to its customers, Sonic has been an advocate of streaming as an alternate to the traditional cable-based TV.

In 1995, Sonic moved into its present downtown Santa Rosa location. The can be contacted on: 

Phone: 1-888-766-4233

Email: support@sonic.com

8.3 Total Score
Sonic Internet Review

Customer Service
Billing Transparency
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