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Residential Communications Network (RCN) is a regional cable internet provider. Like most internet providers, RCN also offers TV and home phone services and offers attractive bundle pricing. It focuses its attention on six major metropolitan areas in the US and is headquartered in Princeton, NJ. Plans could vary by location but are generally considered to be of great value.


Starting at $19.99/month

Download Speed

Upto 940 Mbps



Upload Speed

10 – 100 mbps


Cable, Fibre

RCN has no contracts, no data caps, free no-contact installation, two-hour service windows, and year-round, US-based, 24/7 customer support.

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RCN Internet Review

Customer Service
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RCN Internet

RCN has no contracts, no data caps, free no-contact installation, two-hour service windows, and year-round, US-based, 24/7 customer support. Together with co-owned Grande and Wave, it is the sixth largest internet provider RCN service comes with no contract agreement and standard Wi-Fi service that extends your wireless reach to the inner recesses of your location. They also have a Service Protection Plan, to protect you from needless expenses if a technician has to visit to fix an issue.

RCN Internet Plans

RCN is a prominent provider in Boston, Chicago, New York City, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and Lehigh Valley. The cable provider has seven internet plans. However, availability and pricing may differ depending on the location.

RCN 25 Mbps Internet

Download Speed: 25 MBPS
Upload Speed: 10 MBPS


No Upfront Cost

RCN 50 Mbps Internet

Download Speed: 50 MBPS
Upload Speed: 10 MBPS


No Upfront Cost

RCN 100 Mbps Internet

Download Speed: 100 MBPS
Upload Speed: 10 MBPS


No Upfront Cost

RCN 250 Mbps Internet

Download Speed: 250 MBPS
Upload Speed: 15 MBPS


No Upfront Cost

RCN 500 Mbps Internet

Download Speed: 500 MBPS
Upload Speed: 20 MBPS


No Upfront Cost

RCN 1 Gbps Internet

Download Speed: 1 GBPS
Upload Speed: 20 MBPS


No Upfront Cost


  • No data caps – No worry about going over the limit since there is no limit. Also no worry about speed being lowered after a limit. Unlimited data at the same speed.
  • No contract needed – No contract needed to experience the RCN internet, even for introductory offers.
  • 24×7 support – With their US-based phone support, service is just a call away; full customer service not just technical support.
  • Whole home Wi-Fi – Reliable wi-fi signal throughout the premises is bundled with some of the plans. No dark spots or dead zones any more.
  • Fiber-optic network – Fastest speeds available are delivered on the fiber network


  • Limited availability – With their focus on 6 urban locations, are out of reach for most in the US, though their partners Grande and Wave make the footprint wider.
  • Pricing and speeds depend on location – As they are in six dense, competitive markets, they customize for each location. Hence, best to check plans and offers available for your location before buying.

Internet Service Coverage 

Owned by TPG Capital, RCN is available to more than five million residents, making it one of the largest cable providers in the U.S. Depending on your location and which RCN internet plan you choose, your connection could include a cable, fiber optic or DSL connection, or a hybrid or multiple network types.

RCN’s biggest market is Washington, DC. You can also find RCN in New York, Chicago, Boston, Lehigh Valley, and Philadelphia.

In the areas they operate, it is estimated that customer access to their different networks is as follows:

  • Cable – 98% people can access, speed upto 500 MBPS
  • DSL – 5% people can access, lower speed, lower price
  • Fiber – 18% people can access, speed upto 1000 MBPS

Faq About RCN Internet Service

What is the technology that RCN is based on?

RCN relies on DSL, Cable and Fiber to deliver its internet services. DSL is our largest network and can deliver speeds of upto 500 MBPS. Fiber is the latest technology and delivers Gig speed on the fiober-optic network. However, the fiber network is currently limited to select locations.

How do I make my RCN service economical?

Bundling services together is the best way to reduce the total expense on the various services put together, rather than buying them separately from different providers.

Sometimes I face an issue of speed with my RCN network. Why is that?

There are many possible reasons why this could happen. RCN monitors network level issues from their side and informs customers when there is a need. We recommend you first check the following:

You usage could be putting a load on the service beyond its capacity. Check out if there are multiple devices connected and if they are using bandwidth-heavy services like video streaming and gaming. You need to ensure the plan is suitable for your requirements.

Water flows through a pipe at the rate at which it can pass the narrowest part of the pipe. Please ensure that the modem and router you are using have the capacity to handle the load you are expecting to use.

Internet services are delivered through shared networks, like utilities. If everyone in your neighborhood gets on to the internet at the same time, it could constrain the bandwidth that flows through to you.

Check out of there are weather events or technical outages that are causing the speed dip. Is it related to specific websites or is it a general slowness?

These are suggestions and may help you solve the problem. If it continues, please contact RCN support.

Can I use my own modem and router or do I need to buy from RCN?

As long as it is compatible with the RCN network, you can use your own modem. Please be aware that network upgrades may make your modem dated at some point of time and you may need to procure a new one at that stage. Using your own router follows the same general principles.

Is my connection free of internet congestion possibilities?

Internet congestion can impact anyone on the network. The internet is like a huge web of interconnected pathways. You can travel down a pathway only as fast as the slowest segment.

The RCN network “is like the local highway up to the entrance ramp” to the world-wide-web. The path your device takes to reach the information you requested can be a long series of connections between different networks. How much time it takes for the requests to reach the designated server and return in a round trip is commonly called “latency”.

If a server is physically far away, there are a lot of different steps to reach that server. The longer it takes the round trip data to return to your computer, the slower the speed you can achieve. Trying different websites on different servers that use different pathways may work faster than others

How are you ensuring safety of your employees and customers during the pandemic?

All of our employees continue to follow CDC guidelines to help prevent the spread of the virus. If any of our employees has symptoms, they stay home. We also take additional safety steps when dealing with others. We are using our best efforts to stock our offices and service vehicles with hand sanitizers and our installers and technicians with vinyl gloves and masks for added security as long as supplies last. In addition, we have increased the frequency of cleaning our lobbies and offices.

As local communities have responded to COVID-19, we continue to stay on top of the changing environment and make adjustments to keep customers and employees safe.

We have instituted protocols that will help us service your home. We request that you take the necessary precautions as well, including wearing masks and practicing distancing so that in the event our support staff need to visit you, it can be done in a safe environment.

About RCN

RCN was founded and established in 1993 to provide telecommunications services to the residential marketplace. RCN took a controlling interest in C-TEC, a Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania-based telephone and cable-television company. Through the nineties and later, it continued its growth with the acquisition of cable companies like Twin County Cable in Lehigh Valley, PA and Liberty Cable in New York City, while building its own network.

In February 2017, RCN & Grande Communications were acquired by TPG Capital, forming Radiate Holdings, a global private equity platform with experience and commitment to helping businesses grow. The acquisition with TPG Capital has led RCN to continue to provide fast, consistent communications services at an affordable rate for both residential and business consumers.

8.8 Total Score
RCN Internet Review

Customer Service
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