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AT&T Internet Review, Plans & Special Offers

AT&T Communications provides more than 100 million U.S. consumers with communications and entertainment experiences across mobile and broadband. Apart from fiber broadband, it has one of the nation’s best wireless networks and the fastest network for iPhones. It also serves nearly 3 million business customers — including nearly all of the Fortune 1000 — with high-speed, highly secure connectivity and smart solutions.
AT&T's prices are considered to be middle-of-the-road and it ranks well in terms of customer service, in external evaluations. It has a reputation for frequently running promotions. Savings are also offered through a variety of television and phone bundles.


Starting at $34.99/month

Download Speed

80 Mbps – 940 Mbps


Internet, TV




Cable, DSL, Fibre

AT&T, the single biggest wireline phone-based company in the U.S. and the third-biggest internet provider in the country, offers broadband via a mix of fiber and hybrid-fiber connections. As of 2020, it has almost 14 million subscribers nationwide.

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AT&T Internet Review

Customer Service
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As one of the country’s largest ISPs, AT&T plans are available widely around the country. AT&T separates its plans into two tiers: AT&T Fiber and AT&T Internet. Both use fiber optic cables to deliver internet, but AT&T Internet switches to a DSL connection for the last mile, while AT&T Fiber goes all the way to your home.

AT&T fiber internet is widely considered to be one of the best services. However, its DSL service pales in comparison. On account of its reach through the legacy telephony network, the AT&T DSL service is available widely across the country. In many locations, it might be the only option for an internet connection, other than possibly satellite. As such, it is an important product for AT&T.

This guide will provide information on:

AT&T Internet Plans

Plan NameDownload SpeedUpload SpeedBandwidthConnection TypeRegular PriceSales Prices
AT&T Internet up to 75 MBPS75 MBPS10 MBPS1 TBDSL cum Fiber$55 per month$45 per month
AT&T Internet 100100 MBPS20 MBPSUnlimitedDSL cum Fiber$55 per month$45 per month
AT&T Internet 300300 MBPS300 MBPSUnlimitedFiber$55 per month$35 per month
AT&T Internet 500500 MBPS500 MBPSUnlimitedFiber$65 per month$45 per month
AT&T Internet 1000940 MBPS940 MBPSUnlimitedFiber$80 per month$60 per month
Data effective 11/04/20. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change
Regular price kicks in after 12 months
Autopay & Paperless Bill req’d. $10/mo equip. fee applies

Why choose AT&T ?

No installation fees Installation fee of $99- is currently waived off. Though self-installation is available in some areas, most customers may need to request for an AT&T technician for installation. No contract  AT&T does not bind you with a contract. However, some of their promotional plans may require some agreement on tenure of the relationship as a qualification criteria. Unlimited data with AT&T Fiber, select bundles There are no data caps on any of the AT&T Fiber plans, and AT&T Internet customers who bundle with a qualifying TV service can also take advantage of unlimited data. The DSL plans have a data limit of 1 TB per month. While it seems limiting, the allowance is generous enough for most people to never go over. In case you do, there will be a charge for the extra data used. It does offer the option of adding unlimited data to your DSL plans for an additional $30 per month. Security Suite powered by McAfee® The AT&T Security Suite helps keep your connected devices safe from viruses and malware and is available for no additional cost for the DSL plan users. Simple charging mechanism for DSL While there are a number of DSL based plans on the menu, they are all charged at the same price. In effect, the fastest DSL service available in a location in the only DSL plan available. The customer just has to opt for AT&T DSL, and gets the fastest DSL connection at the standard DSL price. Low equipment fee Withyour internet connection you get an AT&T Wi-Fi gateway, which is a combo modem and router. This device does away with the need for a router, saving you money in rental or purchase. The rental for this combo device is $10 per month, amongst the cheapest for comparable providers and devices. Above average customer service In a sea of mediocrity, which is what customer service in this sector seems to be, AT&T comes through as one of the better providers in a survey done by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ASCI).


  • Wide availability – AT&T is one of the more widely available networks. Wherever you are in the country, there is a good chance you are close to the AT&T network.
  • Promotional offers – AT&T is known to sweeten the deal with extra incentives such as gift cards, free premium services and more when you sign up for new services.
  • High customer satisfaction – In an industry notorious for poor customer satisfaction, AT&Tperforms  better than competition.
  • Fiber network – Its fiber network offers speeds up to 940 MBPS, which is good enough for anything you may want to do. It also offers equal upload speeds, which is great as many people are now working from home and participating in video conferences requires upload capacity.
  • Great starting prices – AT&T offers great pricing for new customers, without contracts.


  • Data caps – AT&T’s DSL plans come with a data download limit.
  • Slow DSL download speeds – While AT&T offers great speeds on it fiber network, its DSL network is much wider, on which the best speed on offer for downloads is 100 MBPS.
  • Price increase after 1 year – While AT&T offers attractive starting prices, the price increases significantly as soon as you start the second year.

AT&T Internet Coverage

You can get AT&T internet in 21 different states, but its fiber internet plans tend to service only large cities and suburbs in those states. The states are: 

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Michigan
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • Nevada
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Wisconsin

However, if you are interested in a fiber connection, you will need to check for your location, even if you are in one if these 21 states.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Smart Home Manager app can give you full control over your network. It is available for free on Android and iOS devices. You need to log in with your AT&T credentials to view devices connected to your AT&T Wi-Fi, block devices and set parental controls.

You should be aware of the factors that can impact download speed. Some of the common ones are many devices connected at the same time, multiple devices streaming, gaming, or downloading large files, the age and type of devices, and Wi-Fi signal strength all can affect speed. 

You should check the internet speed with the ‘speed check’ utility that AT&T makes available. In addition, you should review your plan to figure out if it is the most suitable one for your projected usage, and adjust/ upgrade if required.

There are some low-hanging fruits that, if you are aware, can help resolve most of the speed related issues. A quick list would be:

  • Restart your Wi-Fi gateway every 2 weeks or so
  • Disconnect devices not being used from the network
  • If the location is large, think about Wi-Fi extenders that can strengthen the signal even at long distances from the gateway device
  • Place the gateway in a location that is the most central for all devices that are going to connect to it
  • For heavy-duty usage, such as gaming, use wired connections to the extent feasible.

There generally isn’t any charge for the installation of your services. If you are an existing DIRECTV or AT&T Internet customer and moving, professional standard installation is included at no charge. If you are connecting more than three TV receivers or your home isn’t wired for internet, then there may be additional charges. Call your installer to find out.

The Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB), administered by the Federal Communications Commission, was established by Congress to help those economically affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and applies to either home broadband or broadband delivered by wireless.

Under the EBB program, qualifying customers can temporarily receive a benefit of up to $50 per month. Those on qualifying Tribal lands can save up to $75 per month.

AT&T is a participant and offers low-cost broadband to eligible customers through the EBB. By using the federal program, eligible AT&T and Cricket Wireless customers can temporarily receive low or no-cost broadband. Eligible new and existing AT&T and Cricket Wireless customers can now receive home internet or wireless service for little or even no cost.

FirstNet is the result of a public/private partnership between the First Responder Network Authority and AT&T. FirstNet is the only nationwide wireless broadband communications platform dedicated to America’s first responders and public safety community. This reliable, highly-secure communications platform brings reliability to public safety agencies and first responders—helping them make faster and better decisions to keep themselves and the public safe. FirstNet is different from other carriers in that it has a dedicated public safety core that routes FirstNet traffic. It also encrypts network traffic within the core, creating the highly secure environment public safety requires. Today, 80 percent of the network has been built out, and AT&T is rapidly continuing to add to it every day.

AT&T is contractually committed to build a network designed to meet a 99.99% service availability objective a standard unmatched by any other large scale LTE network in the world today.

About AT&T

AT&T has been changing the way people live, work and play for the past 144 years, starting with the invention of the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell and the invention of the transistor – the building block of today’s digital world, the solar cell, the communications satellite and machine learning.

Its acquisition of WarnerMedia enables the two companies to reshape the world of technology, media and telecommunications. For nearly 100 years, WarnerMedia and its family of companies have redefined how audiences around the world consume media and entertainment. HBO and CNN are WarnerMedia offerings.

AT&T offers:

  • Broadband connectivity through high-speed fiber and 5G wireless broadband networks. The 5G network is live for consumers and businesses across the nation.  The fiber network continues to grow, already touching the lives of over 2 million customers.
  • Entertainment through WarnerMedia, that owns one of the largest TV and film studios in the world, as well as a vast entertainment library. 
  • Software-based entertainment through HBO Max and AT&T TV, with something for everyone with over 10,000 hours of curated content.
  • AT&T Latin America offers mobile services to people and businesses in Mexico and digital entertainment services in 10 countries throughout South America and the Caribbean.
  • Targeted, relevant advertising based on the insights it gets from its millions of customer touchpoints

AT&T is also building FirstNet, the nationwide network that enables first responders and public safety officials to stay connected in times of crisis. 

At the end of Q2 2021, it had:

  • 65 million postpaid wireless phone subscribers
  • 5.4 million fiber subscribers
  • 47 million HBO and HBO Max subscribers 

AT&T is the largest communications company in the world with revenues of $172 billion in 2020. CNN reaches over 2 billion people in over 200 countries.


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Phone: (210) 821-4105

8.3 Total Score
AT&T Internet Review

Customer Service
Billing Transparency
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